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Neil Caseles Thanks for the add John.
-2385180480 minute ago

Rae Sheets rite back atcha Mr John! happy surfing!
1995 days ago

Plamen Ivanov Thank you for your friend request. I also added you. Happy surfing!
2041 days ago

Kenn Laughlin Thanks for adding me as a friend. Nice talking with you today.
2052 days ago

derek ward added you as a friend good surfing with results
2054 days ago

nikola petrovic Hello johh,thank you for adding me as a friend.
2069 days ago

Peter Mortimer Hello john just stopped by,hope you are well..
2069 days ago

nirmala devaprasad Hello John just stopped by to say hello
2097 days ago

Gary Warren Hi John just updating and saw you weren't added yet Done! Ty
2112 days ago

James Obrenski Hi John, we are brackets partners today. I can not remember if we had a match yet or not.
2175 days ago

Kerri Foster thanks for adding me as a friend John
2197 days ago

Jim Watt It's always good to make new friends. Jim (goldenglove)
2349 days ago

Djb Knight Hi JB, when you get time to take a look, I hope you check me out on Facebook - Djb Knight
-315043648 minute ago

Mike Whittaker Sweet, thank John...I was born i DC and still live in the area, Northern VA...really enjoying my time on I L H. I appreciate your friendliness.
-1460035168 minute ago

John Brown Elvis said"I don't really know too much about music, In my line of work , You don't have to."
-3195143008 minute ago