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Monty Ferbert Just letting you know My skype was hacked so the new id is monty.ferbert1 thanks jared
2990 days ago

Marty Labatt You are living proof of my theory/assertion that the numbers on a birth certificate bear little relationship to a person's real *maturity* - Many smart kids are let down only by a lack of *social* skills, but IMNSHO you are doing AOK my young friend. English Proverb: "They who would be young when they are old, must be old when they are young." - John Ray, 1670.
3034 days ago

John Brown Checking you out to dude You must be one of the hippest lads in the webosphere I'll follow you lead i think the youth have the edge on techno;logy over us 60 somethings we weren' raised with the new wave techno gizmo Checking you later fine work Jay!
3183 days ago

Monty Ferbert glad to see your blog is up and running hope your got that auto responder you where working on as I found you a cool jag for 7k right down the street. I was drooling on the car when the lady walked up and quoted the price. I'm about 6 thousand five hundred short LOL.
3218 days ago

Pucca Garu hi!
3248 days ago

Max Weiner Jared, what's your Skype ID?
3265 days ago

Brenda Broyles Hey Jared.... did u know I like Choc Cheese Cake....... ROFLOL
3266 days ago

Tomas Leppanen nice talking to you to =)
3273 days ago

Jor Mol Nice to meet you too in chat
3278 days ago

Max Weiner Hey, Jared.
Haven't had a chance to officially meet you, but we are now contacts on TERA, and I see here every day on ILH.
Great to meet and interact with you!
3278 days ago

Max Weiner Write to Jared $ilver's stream...
3278 days ago

Benjamin Byers Jare, can we chat through email?
3286 days ago

Jared Silver Thank you Ray. Those words mean more to me than I can verbally express.
3293 days ago

Ray Wizard You may not have felt like a winner after that match, but take my word for it you were. In life you will find the journey is more important than the goal. We spend most of our lives on the journey. The effort you put in and how you treat the people you meet on the journey is what will determine your ultimate success and happiness in life. Set high goals and give it your best effort. The result will be a winner no matter what the scoreboard may say. Kudos for a great effort. I am happy to have had our paths cross on this wonderful journey we call "life".
3293 days ago

Dee Mentewski You wore me out. son. i usually don't stay up this many hours straight unless I'm in a poker game. Best of luck to ya'
3294 days ago